Our sterling record and past work with corporate, commercial and individual clients, has helped us establish a name in regards to employment and labor law. We are equipped to deal with visa requirements for foreigners, specifically work visas and residency permits. LAW OFFICE OF AZZAM FAISAL KHOUJ’s attorneys are able to patiently help local foreign workers and companies with the paperwork, within their instructed timeframe.

We are also able to help with the following:

- Drafting and development of employment contracts, terminations, compensation packages, expense and relocation policies.
- Advising on employees transfer in acquisitions and mergers
- Litigating employment and labor matters.
- Legal advice regarding privacy rights and data protection.
- Advice regarding occupational health and safety.
- Development of bonus packages, deferred compensation and remuneration packages.

As a firm, we are able to advise on mediation and dispute resolution strategies, but are prepared to represent, prosecute or defend our clients if subsequent litigation becomes a viable option. To find out more about your options, or to chat with an attorney, contact our offices today.